nama   : anton harto k
kelas    : 3eb04
npm     : 20210942
1. The question:  9. The flights were  cancel by them  because of fog.
                                                A       B             C                     D
      The answer: B. Cancel
       It should be : Canceled
2. The question : 4. When she retired in 1989, tennis champion  Christine Evert was the most
                                            A                         B                                                   C
famous women athlete  in the United Stated.
       The answer : A. Retired
          It should be : Retire
 3. the question : 2. Peter had already saw  that musical before  he  read  the reviews about it.
                                             A                                                B             C                            D
The answer   : A. Already saw
It should be  : Already seen